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Hot Print

Hot Print

Hot Print or Foil printing is a speciality printing process which uses heat, pressure and metallic paper (foil). This is used to create different shiny designs and graphics on various materials. Foil printing gives the focus area an incredible look and is quickly becoming the preferred method of printing in many industries.

So, this technique is an application of metallic or pigmented foil on to a solid surface by applying a heated die on to the foil. This makes it permanently stick to the surface below which leaves the design of the die, regardless of whether it’s a small, intricate design or a larger surface area.

The unique thing about foil printing is that they come in a wide selection of colours and finishes. Although the most popular colours are clearly gold and silver foils, they also come in many other colours and effects, such as holographic and pearlescent which all help to replicate the look of precious metals.


The whole point of using foil printing in print projects is so that it stands out from the competition as a more premium option. Studies have shown that the more appealing something looks, the more likely it is that consumers will pay attention. By implementing foil print in your project, you’ll differentiate yourself from those that haven’t used this method.

Using foil printing also means that you’re creating something that demands the readers’ attention while making it much more difficult to easily put down and ignore.

By using foil printing yourself, you can associate your print project with higher quality pieces, rather than the other, similar products that gather dust on the shelf. It feels prestigious, it looks luxurious and it’ll immediately be associated with a premium brand.